Artisan XV Century Turron de Alicante by 1880

Turron 1880

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Handmade Block of Brittle Nougat by 1880. This brittle is made based on an original recipe from XV century. 

Turron was born in the Alicante province of Spain, from Arab origin in the XV century. It was already the most famous sweet during king Carlos I time. Vicente Bendicho wrote in 1640 "Cronica de la Ciudad de Alicante", that: "The Turron commonly known as Alicante, produced solely with honey and almonds, its pieces resemble white jasper." You can appreciate the quality of simple, true ingredients on this turron. 

Bloque artesano de turron de Alicante de 1880.

  • 220 g - 7.76 oz
  • Ingredients: 68% toasted almonds, 31% honey, egg white, wafer coating
  • Denomination of Origin
  • Supreme quality
  • Product of Spain