Helios Confitura Natural Frutas Tropicales (see details for Best By date)

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Best by 06/30/2020

Natural jam of tropical fruits by Helio. Helios have traveled in time to recover the traditional recipe and offer you a better and nutritious jam made only with fruit, lemon juice, and brown cane sugar. The result is eight flavors of jam that will surprise you with their naturalness. Helios has currently positioned itself as the leading jam's manufacturer in Spain, people have always made jam with care and dedication. But it was at the beginning of the 20th century, when a young man and his grandfather started to make all kinds of sweetmeats at their confectionery, such as jams and candied fruits, even for the Royal Family. This is how Helios’ venture began.

Confitura Natural de frutas tropicales elaboradas solo con fruta, zumo de limon y azucar moreno de caña integral.

  • Since 1901
  • 330 g - 11.6 oz
  • All Natural Jam
  • Gluten Free
  • Product of Spain