Cherry Peppers stuffed with Cheese by Conservas Artesanas Rosara


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Product Overview

Cherry peppers stuffed with cheese by Rosara.

Their crunchy texture is a surprise before their sweet pepper flavor and slightly spicy finish, accompanied by the smoothness of olive oil throughout. They are ideal by themselves as a starter or combined with other ingredients.

With a sweet, yet slightly spicy flavor, these mini-peppers are ideal for appetizers and snacks. We recommend draining the peppers and serving them as-is, either cold or at room temperature. They are also ideal as a salad ingredient, to accompany meat or fish or as a garnish for any of your dishes.

  • Size 185 g - 6.52 oz
  • Ingredients: Cherry peppers, pasteurized fresh cow cheese (28%), vegetable oil (olive, 28%), almonds (2%) and sugar.
  • Product of Spain