Authentic Spanish Jamón Serrano and Ibérico Hams, True Pata Negra de Jabugo. The finest aged cured hams from Spain pre-sliced or in whole leg.

Types and qualities of Spanish Hams:

  • Jamón Serrano - Serrano Ham - Comes from native white pigs from the South of Spain fed on grains and cured in the mountains for 12 months. The name Serrano comes from this upbringing in those mountains, the Sierra. $
  •  Jamón Ibérico de Cebo - Iberico Ham - It has a subtle nutty flavor with buttery undertones that combines in a velvety texture which melts in your mouth. It is almost a mystic experience to the senses. $$
  • Jamón de Bellota o Pata Negra - Iberico de Bellota Ham - Also from free range Iberian black pigs (Pata Negra), fed on acorn and grains. It has an intense, complex flavor and marbled flesh, making it the best Ham in the world. $$$
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