5 Jotas

Cinco Jotas True Pata Negra Iberico de Bellota Hams.

5j is the one of Spain's finest brand of Iberico Hams. Founded by Mr. Rafael Sánchez Romero in 1879, Cinco Jotas is located in Jabugo on the province of Huelva, Andalusia. The hoof of an Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico Ham is black (hence, the nickname “Pata Negra”) and worn due to the fact that 100% Ibérico pigs graze freely throughout the Dehesa woodlands roam some 14 kilometres daily during the acorn-rich Montanera pasture season with access to some two hectares where they graze freely. This extensive physical exercise on the one hand leads to a slender look and a fine ankle (the thinner it is, the more pure the breed).

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