Berberechos - Cockles in Brine by Daporta


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Cockles in brine. Berberechos by Daporta. 

Since 1940, Conservas Daporta has been producing high quality seafood and fish preserves in a traditional way. Careful manufacture and handmade elaboration are both essential in this family business. They select the best raw materials at the most prestigious fish markets in Galicia. Galician Rias give their products a distinctive taste, remarkable size and well known quality. Daporta has deep respect for the environment and traditional fishing. The seafood is selected only during the natural shell-fishing season (from September to November). For this reason, they have a limited production: a few hundreds units for those with a discerning palate.

  • Berberechos or Cockles in brine.
  • Product of Spain
  • About 25/35 pieces
  • Cockles, water, and salt
  • Premium Edition
  • Size 4.23 oz