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This is the King of the Ibéricos. The best Ham in the world, Ibérico de Bellota True Pata Negra Bone-less Ham by Fermín.

It is in its intense and delicious aromas, its delicate consistency and in its smooth palate that the essence of the virtues of a natural bred, acorn-fed Ibérico products is appreciated. Its meat represents a range of colors, from intense red right through to pale pink with a profusion of marbled fat. The first impact on the palate is surprisingly smooth, with sweet nuances, gaining in intensity as the marbled fat deliciously melts.

This Ibérico de bellota ham is produced by Fermín in Spain. This is a boneless ham, perfect to keep in the refrigerator (although it is not necessary) and pull it out when needed. Jamón Ibérico de Bellota sin hueso. This Ibérico de Bellota Ham will last for months and compared to Italian Prosciutto (which is cured for less time) Ibérico Spanish Ham is cured for at least 2 years, giving firm texture that can be sliced paper-thin.

This is a boneless True Pata Negra Ham, perfect to keep in the refrigerator (will last for months.) Just pull it out when needed. 

  • 100% free-range
  • 100% Acorn fed Iberico pig
  • 4 yrs
  • Weight about 9.5 lbs.
  • Finest Ham in the World
  • Pata Negra
  • Product of Spain