Chorizo Ibérico in Slices by Fermín - 2 oz


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Product Overview

Iberico Pork dry-cured Chorizo sausage in slices by Fermin.

A unique product with exceptional juiciness and flavor, seasoned with mild pimenton. This Fermin chorizo has been made from the finest cuts of the Iberico pig, an original breed from Spain known as "pata negra."

It offers an intense aroma and balanced flavor to the palate.

Chorizo de cerdo Ibérico en lonchas.

  • Size 57 g - 2 oz
  • Vacuum-packed
  • Perfect for Tapas
  • Ingredients: Iberico pork, salt, pimenton, garlic, sugar, oregano, extra virgin olive oil.
  • Gluten free
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Product of Spain