Cooking Base for Paella Valenciana - Broth by Aneto

Caldos Aneto

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Product Overview

Aneto all natural Cooking base for Valencian Paella.

Made the traditional way by Aneto: "We fry the tomatoes in virgin olive oil over a very low heat them we season it with rosemary and a touch of saffron add all the meat and vegetables – rabbit, duck, snails, ferraura beans and garrofon beans to the sofrito. We simmer these ingredients over a low heat for over 2 hours and we add our Chicken Broth."

  • Size 1 liter - 33.83 FL oz
  • Cooking base for Valencian Paella
  • Ingredients: water, Free-range chicken (22%), Onions, carrots, cabbage, leeks, celery, salt. Sauteed vegetables (20%): rabbit, duck, tomato, extra virgin olive oil, Ferraura beans, green beans, Garrofon beans, snails, saffron, rosemary.
  • Glutten Free
  • Product from Spain