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Product Overview

Calidad Superior Thick Noodle Romero brand. The origin of the history of Pastas Alimenticias Romero S.A. dates back to 1926 when D. Manuel Romero Marqués founded the company under the name La competidora: Pastas para sopa. It was more of a small workshop where with very artisanal production systems a reduced daily production was obtained. In 1980 Manuel Romero (Grandson), joined the group although it was not until 10 years later, in 1990, when the transfer from the second to the third generation occurred. In that year the company was responsible for a staff of 40 employees and its manufacturing capacity was that of 80,000 kilos per day.

Constant improvement is our main ingredient.

The raw material with which this product is manufactured is durum wheat semolina 100% necessary requirement in order to obtain the name of product of "Superior Quality" according to Spanish technical and health regulations. The other ingredients used to manufacture specialties (pasteurized egg, spinach and tomato primarily) are products completely natural and prime quality. No additives, artificial coloring or artificial agents are used. Since the manufacturing process is at high temperatures and the low water content of the dried pasta, the best before date for consumption of the products is up to three years from the date of packaging.

Fideo Grueso Calidad Superior by Romero.

  • 500 g - 17.64 oz
  • Calidad Superior Certified
  • Great for Fideua recipes and soups
  • Family owned since 1926
  • From Zaragoza, Spain 

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