Heno de Pravia Shower Gel Original

Heno de Pravia

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Heno de Pravia Shower Gel Original  Heno de Pravia Gel de Baño Original

This excellent formula provides moisturizing and softening to your skin. This delicate fragrance delivery a pleasant feeling in the shower or bath. Soften and infuse your skin with classic Spanish fragrance with this luxurious shower gel. This is a classic, with an unmistakable aroma reproduced the fragrance of the fresh mown grass and blended it with geranium, lavender and a hint of sandalwood Heno de Pravia was founded in 1905.

  • Size 22 oz - 650 ml
  • Refreshing Clean Scent
  • Smoothes and moisturizes skin
  • Product from Spain
  • Top Seller