Lavanda Puig Eau de Cologne Splash


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Product Overview

Lavanda Puig Eau de Cologne Splash. The aroma of lavender is a refreshing tonic. The lavander is well know for a clean and calming effect on your body.

The company began to market the fragrance Agua Lavanda Puig in 1940 which became the emblems of the company.

Today, Puig is a third generation family-owned based in Barcelona, and is one of the top fashion and fragrance business in the world. Puig success stories include a combination of owned brands such as Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne, Jean Paul Gaultier, Penhaligon's and L'Artisan Parfumeur, licenses such as Prada, Valentino and Comme des Garçons, and celebrity fragrances.

  • Size 25.5 fl oz. - 750 ml.
  • Fresh Lavanda Scent
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Product from Spain