Pack of 2 Mineral Salts Soap by La Toja

La Toja

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Mineral Salts Soap - pack of 2 - by La Toja 

Soft and unique fragrance From the therapeutic hot springs of La Toja (Spain) In 1904 La Toja launched its first soap with all the benefits of its mineral salts. For its quality, sophistication and glamor, his fame grew and crossed borders. It became interesting to tourists who visit La Toja Island from around the world who came to enjoy those waters rich in sodium, calcium, iron and magnesium supply. Those visitors who wanted to bring home the advantages of these waters, giving rise to the Sales of La Toja, allowing them to benefit from the thermal properties of the island even thousands of miles away. Today 110 years later La Toja reaffirms this commitment with Hydrotherapy launching a full range of cosmetic products inspired by the thermal health resort.

  • Size 2 bars
  • Product of Spain