Valor Hot Chocolate a la Taza


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Product Overview

Spanish Style Drinking Chocolate bar by Valor. No need to grate, it is very easy to make Just cut some pieces and cook in hot milk.The thickness can be adjusted by the number of chocolate squares used and how long it is heated. On average, 2-3 squares per cup of milk and around 2 minutes simmering time will produce a delicious and decadent mug of hot chocolate!

Heat and stir until desired consistency. Add more chocolate if necessary.

Tableta de chocolate a la taza.

  • 300 g - 10.5 oz
  • 37% Cacao
  • Gluten free
  • Classic, thick chocolate.
  • Not too sweet,
  • Great for dipping churros and other pastries
  • No need to grate, makes approx. 8 cups per bar
  • Product of Spain