Turrones & holidays Sweets from Spain

Posted by Delicias de España on Dec 19th 2015

Turrones & holidays Sweets from Spain

This Holiday make it a memorable one. None of our senses brings back memories like the sense of taste. Turrones, polvorones, hojaldradas, chocolates or bombones represent the Christmas time in any Spanish like not other. Here in the United State you can find all of the classic holidays sweets from the finest brands like 1880, El Artesano, Doña Jimena, La Estepeña, Trias and more...

Share the joy of Spanish goods & holiday sweets with friends and family.

Only the Best from Spain

Our brands are hand-selected by our team of experts. With 18 years imported the best of Spanish products for our holidays season.

Turrones and Sweetes by 1880 , El Artesano, Doña Jimena, La Estepeña, Trias, De la Viuda

Jamones/ Spanish Ham by Cinto Jotas, Fermin, Monte Nevado, Marcos Salamanca

Quesos/Cheeses by El Gran Cardenal, El Hidalgo, La Peral Manchego, Cabrales, Campomancha. Sheep Cheese, Goat Cheese, Cow Milk Cheese