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Boneless Paleta de cebo 50% Ibérica by Fermín

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Product Overview

50% Ibérico Paleta (shoulder) bone-less by Fermín.

It is in its intense and delicious aroma, its delicate consistency and in its smooth palate that the essence of the virtues of a natural bred, Ibérico ham is appreciated. Its meat represents a range of colors, from intense red right through to pale pink with a profusion of marbled fat. The first impact on the palate is surprisingly smooth, with sweet nuances, gaining in intensity as the marbled fat deliciously melts.

Paleta de cebo 50% Ibérica Boneless by Fermín. This product comes from 50% ibérico pigs. While it costs less than Hams, this Paleta delivers.

This is a boneless paleta (shoulder) , perfect to keep in the refrigerator (will last for months.) Just pull it out when needed. 

  • About 4.5 - 5.0 Lb
  • 50% Iberico, de cebo
  • 100% free-range
  • Cured for 24 months
  • Product of Spain