Garcima 12 Inch Polished Steel Paella Pan - Serves 4


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Product Overview

Polished Steel Paella Pan 4 Portions - 12" /30cm

This size pan makes enough paella for a dinner for 4 people. Made by Garcima in Valencia Spain, home of the authentic Paella. Thanks to its unique manufacturing process Garcima S.L. is the number one Paella maker in the world.

Easy to clean and care, this Stainless Steel Paella Pan doesn't require special maintenance; just clean with detergent and store.

  • Made in Alaquas, Valencia - Spain
  • Polished Steel Paella Pan
  • Perfect dinner of 4 people
  • Most widely used for cooking the authentic paella.
  • They can be used in gas, wood and oven.
  • Serves 4 people. (portions are a suggestion of the manufacturer)


Before first use:

Boil water in the Paella pan and wash it with water and detergent. Do not use any metal kitchen utensils. Also another way to cure the Paella pan is by fry some onion on boil water. When the water reaches boiling point, remove and clean. Avoid overheating and sudden changes in temperature. Avoid hard blows. Never use in microwave. In use all parts are hot, wear and keep out of reach of children. Maintenance: Clean the paella pan with water and detergent. Rinse the pan with water and dry immediately. Do not dry outdoors. Spread the Paella pan inside and outside with a cloth with olive Oil keep the pan wrapped in paper and placed in a plastic bag. This process avoids such oxidation. Polished steel paella pans are delicate but remains the most widely used for cooking authentic paella.

SIZES: Please note these measurements are approximate, and portions are a suggestion of the manufacturer.

Portions Diameter With Handles
2 10.5" (26cm) 14.25"
3 11" (28cm)  15"
4 11.75" (30cm) 16.5" 
6 13.5" (34cm) 18" 
8 15" (38cm) 19.5" 
10 17" (42cm) 22" 
12 18.5" (46cm) 23.5" 
14 20" (50cm) 24" 
16 22" (55cm) 28.5" 
22 26" (65cm) 33" 

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