Paella Bomba Rice sack - Virgen de la Esperanza

Arroces de Calasparra

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Bomba Rice Virgen de la Esperanza. Paella Rice.

If you are embarking on the succulent journey of making paella, we recommend you use Spain’s preferred rice, Arroz Bomba. Bomba in Spanish means "bomb," which is not a coincidence, since your paellas will now have flavor-packed firm grains that are sure to explode into a party for your taste buds. We have selected the best Bomba rice brands from Spain for your delight.

Bomba rice is an ancient and supreme strain of rice that matures very slowly. This creates its ability to absorb three times its volume in liquid (and therefore much more flavor), with the grains remaining firm. The perfect paella rice. 

Both our Bomba and Calasparra rice grow in the D.O. Calasparra region and are totally free of pesticides, herbicides, etc. No chemicals of any kind are added during processing. Each bag is individually numbered at the farm.

  • Size 1 kilo - 2.2 lb
  • D.O. Calasparra
  • Cook 4.5 parts water/broth to 1 of rice
  • Cooking time: ~ 20 min.
  • Each bag makes about 12 cups cooked rice
  • No pesticides or herbicides used
  • Simply the best Bomba Rice 
  • Product of Murcia, Spain