Calasparra Rice sack - Virgen de la Esperanza

Arroces de Calasparra

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Calasparra Paella Rice 'Virgen de la Esperanza'

Arroz de Calasparra Calasparra is a municipality in Murcia, Spain, famous for producing one of the highest quality rice in the world. In 1986, it became the first rice to get Denomination of Origin in the world. The D.O. Calasparra rice is a unique, centuries-old short grain rice with a leisurely maturing process. This longer growing cycle produces kernels that are exceptionally dehydrated - ready to absorb even more of the tasty sauces and flavors of paella broth and other Mediterranean recipes.

  • Size 1 kilo - 2.2 Lb
  • D.O. Calasparra
  • Comes in cloth bag
  • No pesticides or herbicides use
  • Cook 3.5 parts water/broth to 1 of rice
  • Cooking time: ~ 20 min.
  • Each bag makes about 10 cups cooked rice
  • Product from Murcia, Spain