Paleta Ibérica de Bellota shoulder by Fermin


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Paleta de bellota 100% iberica con hueso. Acorn-fed 100% Iberico shoulder by Fermin.

The King of Ibéricos. It is in its intense and delicious aromas, its delicate consistency and in its smooth palate that the essence of the virtues of a natural bred, Ibérico shoulder is appreciated. Its meat represents a range of colors, from intense red right through to pale pink with a profusion of marbled fat. The first impact on the palate is surprisingly smooth, with sweet nuances, gaining in intensity as the marbled fat deliciously melts.

The Ibérico pigs still wanders free. These product come from 100% ibérico pigs which have been feed exclusively on fallen acorns during the free range season, known as Montanera, from September to February. 

  • 100% Iberico Pig, free-range

  • Cured for 36 months

  • Weighs about 13 Lb

  • Finest shoulder in the World

  • Top Seller

  • Product from Spain

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