Spanish Chorizo Iberico Sausage by Fermín 7 oz

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Iberico Pork Dry-Cured Chorizo Sausage by Fermin.

The aroma that arise as the very moment when it is sliced overflows into our senses, anticipating the intensity and well balance that it offers in mouth, Its taste is rotund and gorgeous, deliciously rich thanks to the perfect combination of Spanish paprika and garlic; although these do not in any measure mask the excellent textures of the noble meat parts that are used in its production, hence offering perfect balance between lean and marbled meat. The taste and texture of the Chorizo Ibérico is such that it deserves to be listed among the finest Ibérico pig products. It is made in a similar manner to salchichon but it is seasoned with pimenton, salt and pepper.

Chorizo de cerdo Ibérico, longaniza.

  • Size 200 g - 7 oz
  • 1 whole piece
  • Perfect for Tapas
  • Gluten free
  • Ingredientes: Iberico pork, salt, pimenton, garlic, sugar, oregano
  • Cured in the Spanish mountains of Salamanca
  • Remove casing before eating
  • Product of Spain

>>Shown in picture: Iberico pork loin, chorizo iberico, salchichon iberico Fermin.