All Natural Vegetable Broth by Aneto

Caldos Aneto

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Product Overview

Vegetable Broth made entirely with 100% Natural Broths.

The Vegetables simmered in a pot over a low heat for three hours, with the aim of equalling the quality and flavor of traditional home-made recipes. Aneto's secret is that there is only one way to make natural broth: fresh ingredients simmering in a pot over a low heat.

Caldo de Verduras totalmente Natural.

  • Size 1 liter - 33.83 fl oz
  • Vegetarian
  • Great for Diets based on Vegetables
  • Healthy and very nutritive
  • Base for stir-fries or enhance the flavor of boiled vegetables
  • Great for soups, just add pasta, rice, noodles, etc.
  • Basic for summer soups and creams
  • Made entirely with 100% natural broths
  • Ingredients: Water, Onions, Carrots, Leeks, Celery, Sea Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Product of Spain