Cooking Base for seafood Paella by Aneto

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Cooking Base for seafood Paella by Aneto. We fry the onions, the tomatoes and the garlic in virgin olive oil over a very low heat. We season it with paprika and a touch of saffron. We add all the seafood and the rock fish to the sofrito and we continue cooking it gently for over 2 hours, slowly adding our Seafood Broth. Caldo de Mariscos como base para Paella

  • Size 1 liter - 33.83 FL oz
  • Cooking base for Seafood Paella
  • Made entirely with 100% natural broths
  • Gluten Free
  • Ingredients: Water, Monkfish (32%), carrot, celery, leek, tomato, Cod (2%), fennel, sea salt. Fried vegetables (20%), rockfish and seafood (conger, scorpion fish, ribbonfish, crab, mussels, prawns, cockles), onion, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, paprika and saffron.
  • Product from Spain